10 Best Comfort Height Toilet: For Comfortable Morning Ritual

Are you the one struggling with the daily chores in everyday life such as using your regular toilet, which is not so comfortable. Then this guide about comfort height toilets will lead you to the core of the market where you will amaze with an amazing list of this type of toilet.

Tall toilets or you can say a toilet with a comfortable height that gives you a marvelous sitting experience along with completing your daily work peacefully without any fuss. So now let’s check out all comfort height toilets listed in this article to know more about them.   

The most important aspect that affects how pleasant you will be using your toilet is its height. The majority of individuals continue to make the beginner error of overlooking the height.

When disabled, handicapped, or older citizens use the bathroom, this element becomes even more important. The higher-sitting toilet allows us to easily sit and stand. When sitting, you may simply let your feet rest level on the floor.

Furthermore, the appropriate toilet height should be both water-efficient and long-lasting. These elements also have an impact on the entire experience you have with it.

This list of chair height toilets may be beneficial if you have handicapped or elderly individuals in your house and are searching for an ADA compliant toilet that will be acceptable for them.

What Is A Comfort Height Toilet?

Because of its height, a comfortable height toilet varies from a conventional type. Standard toilets are roughly 15 inches high, making it more difficult for some mobility-impaired groups in society to get on and off the toilet.

It may seem minor, but a comfortable height toilet restores dignity to certain people of the society by allowing them to maintain some independence.

Tall individuals, the aged, and those with mobility impairments will be able to sit and stand more easily as a result of the increased size. The American Disabilities Act (ADA), which went into effect in the early 1990s, requires all comfort height toilets to be verified as compliant.

10 Best Comfort Height Toilet Recommended From us  

We hand-picked some chair-height toilets for your bathroom to give you comfort when you are doing your morning rituals. This type of toilet can be very compatible with handicapped, disable, and aged people but most importantly this toilet can be useful for taller, taller people. So check out this guide about the tall toilet, if you are living with any handicapped, aged, or taller person.

1: KOHLER K-3589-47 Cimarron

Comfort Height Toilet

The KOHLER Cimarron is a classic two-piece elongated toilet with AquaPiston innovation, which ensures a strong flush with each and every flush. This tall toilet, built for the elderly, meets ADA criteria and is also accessible to those with impairments. This is regarded as a KOHLER classic model because of its versatile design and fantastic performance. The KOHLER Cimarron is a high lavatory with class 5 functionality and a rating that enables sitting and standing comfortably both for elderly and disabled persons.

The KOHLER’s canister flushing is unrivaled since it not only produces a strong flush but it is one that is quieter. Because of its strong flushing, it has a lower likelihood of clogging. You can save yourself from such issues by using toilets that don’t clog. This type is both affordable and useful, with a proper comfort height and an elongated oval form that, while some may believe it to have less seating area, is pleasant and traditional.

The KOHLER Cimarron lavatory is cheap and durable, and is available in five colors: almond, black, ice grey, and sandbar—all of which are basic and elegant. For leak-free performance, the twin canister design reduces exposure by 90%. The KOHLER Cimarron delivers ADA compliance at a reasonable price and design, weighing only 87.5 pounds and having a toilet bowl height of 16.5 inches without a seat.


  • Noiseless Flushing
  • Perfect For Small Area
  • Leak-Free Performance


  • Not Come With Toilet seat
  • Only One-Year Warranty
  • Seat Bolt Location

Additional Features

Its extended bowl offers users with comfy seated at a good height, and its ADA compliance means that no matter your degree of mobility, the KOHLER Cimarron is the appropriate toilet for any home or business usage.!

2: Woodbridge T-0001 Toilet

Comfort Height toilet

 This opulent, contemporary one-piece toilet has dual flushing and a gentle-close seat, giving it a readily available toilet. This type is a WaterSense toilet, using only 1.6 gallons each flush. A strong flush system combined with a glass trapway ensures that each flush is clean. While conserving water, a clean flush is ensured.

Its one-of-a-kind design makes the lavatory simple to manage and sanitize, as well as providing a perfect comfort height. This is a fantastic choice for residential areas wanting to add a bit of elegance, whether tall or small. This compact yet powerful toilet benefits from syphon flushing, making it a popular choice for household use. Flushing is simple and quiet; there are no more nocturnal flushing noises to hear.

 The Woodbridge T-0001 Dual flush has a stainless-steel nozzle and comes in an all-in-one kit with a pre-installed toilet seat, wax ring, and ground bolts. The Woodbridge one-piece is made of ceramic and comes in eight distinct colors.

This toilet, as a comfort height toilet, is excellent as an accessible toilet or for individuals who desire a toilet that allows people of all heights to sit and stand comfortably and without effort. Its usefulness is enhanced with a soft-closing lid, which also serves as a kid safety feature. The double flush feature allows users to save water by flushing either solids or liquids.


  • Dual Flushing Mechanism
  • Easy To Install
  • 5- years Warranty


  • Button get Stuck When Pushed Too Hard  
  • Seat Bolt Location

Additional Features

This Woodbridge toilet is a mid-priced model with a high-end look. The Woodbridge T-0001 is a wise decision that blends durability and utility. This type is guaranteed to fit any home since it comes with 5-year warranty coverage on porcelain components and a one-year warranty on the flush system. Its beautiful style is perfect for any family, either put in a master suite, powder room, or lavatory.!

3: TOTO Toilet with G-Max Flushing System

TOTO Toilet with G-Max Flushing System

When that comes to toilets, Toto Drake is among the most well-known and well-recognized companies. The TOTO Drake toilet, a two-piece, is among the most famous and favored choices for individuals with disabilities. This comfort height toilet takes up less room than other toilets thanks to its extended bowl and high tank. The TOTO Drake two-piece is ADA certified and made of chrome and ceramic with complete glazing, making it suitable for both home and commercial usage. 

This toilet has a 1.6-gallon container with a 3-inch broad flush valve (which is 125 percent bigger than most conventional faucets on the marketplace) and an additional siphoned jet that makes it difficult to clog. The TOTO Drake two-piece toilet saves more water than other restrooms on the market, while not meeting WaterSense rules and regulations.

The tank may be changed to make room for the lid, and it can also be covered to prevent condensation from forming. The G-Max flushing mechanism on the TOTO Drake two-piece also reduces noise with each flush. The SanaGloss coating of the TOTO Drake bowl assists with cleaning and maintenance by reducing any adhering to the bowl and preventing mold and fungus build-up.

This TOTO Drake model is not very attractive; it is simple in appearance but includes a dual flushing mechanism and a coating that aids in bowl upkeep. Its straightforward design makes it ideal for both business and domestic use.


  • Dual Flushing Mechanism
  • Suitable for commercial or residential installation
  • Elongated Bowl


  • Parts sold separately (wax ring, toilet mounting, water supply line, and toilet seat)  
  • Not WaterSense compliant
  • Only 1-Year Warranty

Additional Features

When fitted, the TOTO Drake is roughly 12 inches from the wall to the edge and is offered as a two-piece. This TOTO model is a two-piece, easy-to-install toilet that is considered a low-cost option for buyers, and its ADA compliance ensures that it can be used by anybody. Investing in a TOTO Drake two-piece toilet, whether commercial or domestic, means investing in a toilet that is both efficient and dependable.!

4: Swiss Madison Toilet with Skirted Trap-way

Best Height Toilet

The Swiss Madison St. Tropez toilet is one of the greatest comfort height toilets to select from, whether you’re redesigning your bathroom or simply would like to upgrade to a comfort height toilet. This toilet has a sleek and modern style that can fit in with nearly any stylish bathroom and compliment any architectural features.

The scalloped trapway in this comfort toilet’s design makes it easier to clean, and the bowl is extended for increased comfort. If you want to be ecologically conscious, this toilet has a dual flush option that allows you to select between a full flush and a half flush, allowing you to regulate how much water is used each time you flush.

This lavatory has always been high-performing and will get the task done regardless of the flush option you pick. This is a high-rise toilet, with a 31-inch toilet bowl height, so if that’s something you’re searching for, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Easier To Clean
  • Skirted Trapway
  • Elongated Bowl


  • No Color Availability
  • Only 1-Year Warranty

Additional Features

In general, this is one of the greatest tall toilets now commercially available. It’s simple to clean, and the soft-closing seat won’t slam shut and wake up the rest of the home when you use the bathroom late at night. It’s affordable, and the dual flush system allows you to manage your water use, making it a perfect environmentally loo for any home.!

5: American Standard Cadet 3 Toilet

Best Height Toilet

The American Standard Cadet 3 is a flush that is both stylish and strong. The American Standard is a two-piece toilet with a circular opening constructed of vitreous china that may give a luxurious look and feel to any bathroom or master bathroom. This two-piece toilet features a water-saving flush with a capacity of 1.28 gallons, consuming nearly 20% less water than current toilets on the marketplace.

The American Standard Cadet 3 gives a basic, sleek, and finished design for a bathroom, powder room, or guest bedroom. The American Standard Cadet 3 has a big valve and a unique design that maximizes gravity, allowing it to flush smoothly and easily. Push once and see the trash disappear without a hitch.

This application is developed with an EverClean coating to prevent water stains and mold or fungus build-up. Not only does the Ever Clean covering increase the life of the commode, but it also helps to minimize smells.

The American Standard Cadet 3 is a great pick since it provides customers with the perfect chair height for a toilet. This two-piece toilet is intended for simple and quick construction, and it includes all of the essential directions and equipment. Because of the completely transparent trapway and optimal water pressure, one flush cleans everything. 


  • Easier To Clean
  • Water-Saving Flush
  • Comfort Height Toilet


  • No Color Availability
  • Manual Installation Guide is tough To understand

Additional Features

The American Normal Cadet 3 is a simple two-piece, standard chair-height toilet that is ADA compliant and backed by a 5-year warranty coverage to improve customer satisfaction. The American Standard Cadet 3 is nevertheless fairly priced but also delivers outstanding usability and a neat and conventional finish, regardless of the pricing point you had in view.!

6: KOHLER K-3754-0 Kelston Toilet

Chair Height Toilet

The KOHLER Kelston comfort height two-piece toilet is ideal for people looking for a tall toilet seat with a sleek, elongated design. With a height of 17.5 inches, this chair height toilet allows individuals with mobility problems to sit and stand comfortably. The AquaPiston technology is used within the KOHLER Kelston comfort height two-piece, which is formed of china and has an extended seat.

This implies that with each flush, less water is consumed. The AquaPiston technology provides an optimum and steady flow of water from all directions, and the golden seal here on the piston’s cover provides a vacuum that prevents leakage, shrinkage, and bloating.

The Kohler Kelston is developed with effectiveness and creativity in thought, with a light-tight flush that takes less effort than a normal toilet flapper. This single-flush toilet employs gravitation and a specifically built and manufactured tank to generate a strong syphon, consuming only 1.6 gallons every flush. This version comes with such a DryLock Technology for setup, which somewhat accelerates the procedure but also helps in avoiding leaks.


  • Single-Flush Mechanism
  • AquaPiston Technology
  • Light Touch Canister Flush Technology 


  • Not Come with Toilet Seat
  • Uses More Water Per Flush Than Usual Toilet
  • Supply Line Not Included

Additional Features

This comfort level toilet is a tall toilet in contrast to certain other luxury height toilets, yet its appearance has a contemporary look and is available in biscuit, black, white, and sandbar hues. The longer bowl provides greater space and comfort. Its measurements are 30” x 16.8” x 30.5”, making it comparable in size to other conventional toilets. The KOHLER Kelston toilet is ideal for any householder seeking to add a little bit of luxury to their bathroom. Its size and design are appropriate for a hall or large bathroom.!

7: TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake II Toilet

TOTO CST454CEFG#01 Drake II Toilet

This TOTO Drake II two-piece elongated tall toilet is among the most energy-efficient toilets available today. The Drake II was built with a twin cyclone to create a strong tower flush that leaves little to no residue with each flush, flushing 1.28 gallons each flush. This comfort height toilet consumes 20% less water per flush than typical regular 1.6-gallon toilets. The Drake II not only saves water but also features a CeFiONtect coating that eliminates trash from sticking to the edges, ensuring a clean flush on each occasion.

The Drake II is a dual-nozzle, rectangular toilet that is thinner than its forebears. Because of its sophisticated proprietary glazing CeFiONtect, users don’t have to rely on strong cleaning agents or frequent washing to keep it clean.


  • ADA Approved
  • WaterSense Certified
  • Aesthetic Design


  • Expensive than Other Toilet
  • Hard to Find Replacement Parts 

Additional Features

The TOTO Drake II two-piece toilet is excellent for individuals who want comfort but aren’t sure what the conventional toilet comfort height is. With this model, you can simply sit and rise. Not just that, but this version is ADA-certified, making it a great option for anyone with restricted mobility. Consumers pay for convenience when contrasted to most comfort height toilets on the marketplace, as the TOTO Drake II is on the upper end of the pricing spectrum for comfort height toilets.!

8: TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake Toilet

Comfort height Toilet

When you buy the TOTO Drake two-piece toilet, you can be certain that you’re getting a high-quality, low-cost comfort height toilet that’s also accessible to individuals with impairments. This lavatory is more spacious than other TOTO toilets, with a flush lever that is 125 percent bigger than the basic and traditional 2-inch TOTO versions.

Blocking up would’ve been negligible with a 3-inch flush valve, even when using good quality or thick toilet paper. Also, keep in mind that there are septic safe toilet papers available in the market, you can go for them as well. SanaGloss, an ion coating that washes the toilet bowl with each and every flush, is used on the extended bowl. The TOTO Drake is regarded as modern and excellent for both homes and offices usage, thanks to an additional glaze finish.

This TOTO comfort height toilet is ADA approved and has natural one-touch flushing. It is tall enough to offer comfort yet short enough to avoid any problems or fragility. This style is available in cotton white and six different colors, with or without the SanaGloss coating, in black, white, or beige. The coating also eliminates any staining or build-up that might occur with certain conventional toilets after several weeks of usage. 

The trip handle is located on both sides of the vehicle and is included in the retail price. While acquiring this two-piece toilet does necessitate the acquisition of extra components prior to use, it is the most cost-effective toilet that provides functionality and efficiency. 


  • Easy To Install 
  • Glazed Trapways
  • G-Max Flushing


  • Toilet Seat Not Come with the Product
  • It’s recommended to Purchase Additional Items Before Installation 

Additional Features

Are you worried about the loudness? Because of its bigger flush valve, syphon jet, and trapway, this TOTO model provides a silent flush when using G-Max flush equipment. From the strong jets to the shape and movement of the basin, the TOTO Drake two-piece is a people-centered design. This TOTO Drake two-piece toilet is simple to set up and maintain, making it an excellent choice for anybody seeking to update or replace their toilet.!

9: KOHLER K-6669-0 Memoirs Toilet

Comfort Height Toilet

The KOHLER Memoirs two-piece elongated-shaped Bowl toilet is the comfortable height toilet suitable for you if you are into traditional yet trendy toilets. This Kohler model has AquaPiston innovation and is 21 inches in height, giving it a more approachable toilet. This Toilet is comparable to conventional height toilets. It has a little height benefit that makes sitting and standing simpler for individuals with limited mobility. The KOHLER Memoirs is a comfortable height toilet. It is comparable to a regular sitting chair, making it the ideal alternative for the aged and disabled people.

Memoirs are WaterSense rated, which means it not only consumes minimal water each flush but may also qualify for power bill refunds. It has a chrome trip handle and consumes 1.28 gallons per flush. This type also has a double cylinder, which ensures leak-free operation.

Unlike rival models, this one features an insulating tank covering, which decreases moisture inside and prevents mold and microbial growth. The trap is 2 1/8 inches in diameter and completely coated, ensuring a thorough and tidy flush. Due to a big trap and flush mechanism, you won’t have to worry about blockages or using the plunger.


  • Traditional Designs 
  • Glazed Surface
  • WaterSense Certified


  • Only 1-Year OF Warranty
  • Line Supply Not Included
  • Cleaning the trapway is difficult 

Additional Features

The KOHLER Memoirs are elegant in design and less expensive, high – performance and elegance in one package. It’s simple to set up and use, with a light hand canister flush. Memoirs are ADA approved and have a comfortable height for usage. The 105-pound unit has a sleek, Floor-mount design that’s perfect for domestic use. The KOHLER Memoirs is an award-winning semi toilet that is efficient and robust in performance, be it for daily or leisure use.!

10: Vive Stand Alone Toilet Rail

Vive Stand Alone Toilet Rail

The Vive Stand-Alone Toilet Rail is perfect for the aged, those who have impairments, as well as those recuperating from any injury or surgery. It’s easy to use because of the security assistance framework, rubber grips, and armrests. As a kind of safety aid, this stand-alone toilet railing can be utilized in-home or healthcare workplaces and restrooms.

It’s made of aluminum, which makes it corrosion-resistant, and it can hold a capacity of 300 lbs. With exceptionally high toilets, this robust safety aid framework is used.

The stand-alone toilet rail helps sitting and to rise pleasant and safe by avoiding tripping and falls. It’s simple to put together and doesn’t need any equipment. Its slim profile may be misleading. Its compact and sturdy construction, on the other hand, makes it adaptable and portable from place to place. Users may utilize it with comfort thanks to the quasi grips and comfortable padding.


  • Assembles quickly and easily  
  • Grip and armpits made of rubber


  • Not Recommended For Tile Floors

Additional Features

This rail, which has a 26.5-inch bottom, is used in this type of washroom. And is intended not just for safety and convenience, as well as for the addition of a detachable magazine rack. This toilet rail by Vive is the appropriate support structure for anybody who requires it. Either the extremely tall toilet is conventional or extended, or you need assistance when at the washing.!

Choose a Perfect Comfort Height Toilet For Your Bathroom 

A comfort height toilet would be one that stands between 17 and 19 inches tall. With a high or low tank and a round or elongated seat hole. When choosing a comfort height toilet, keep in mind that you want to be able to plant your feet firmly when you sit. Not only must you be comfortable when sitting, but the toilet must also be at the appropriate height for availability.

With a height of 17 to 19 inches, it’s high enough to be comfortable on the knees while being low enough for an older adult to retain their posture.

When choosing a comfort height toilet, it’s important to think about both practicality and aesthetics. Choosing a comfort height device requires examining a variety of aspects, from the material to the color and seat form; thus, take your time, do some homework, and then you’ll discover the correct height.

It’s vital to think about the substance, the capacity of the flush valve, and the gallons each flush when choosing the right height for a comfortable toilet (GPF). Some will have a greater GPF than others, and some will pass the WaterSense test. Comfort height toilets may be placed in both home and business settings, with prices ranging from cheap to high.

The cost of a comfort height toilet varies depending on its height and amenities. Some toilets feature two draining systems, whereas more contemporary and technologically advanced toilets include a sensor-based touchless toilet flushing mechanism. With a retrofitting kit, this sophisticated function can be introduced to some toilets; nevertheless, it can only be accomplished on certain types and brands, and it might cause problems if it collapses.

Choosing a comfort height toilet might come down to a handful of components in its construction, from the characteristics to the real body of the toilet. Toilets are available in one or two parts.

Benefits of Having Chair Height Toilet

However, all toilets are labeled as ADA compliant toilets. But does not imply that they are only for handicapped people. Apart from the crippled or handicapped, they are also an excellent toilet for the aged and for those who are taller in height than usual.

If you are taller than normal and are tired of toilet bowls that are too low for you, a comfort height toilet is ideal. These toilets aren’t only for elders; they’re for someone taller than 5’10” since they help you feel like you’re sitting in a chair rather than doing your daily squat number.

Comfort height toilets, on either hand, are ideal for the aged since they are suitable for handicapped or disabled. Handicap toilet chairs are meant to be put on top of toilets to make them higher for older persons. People who want a toilet that is higher than the standard 17 to 19 inches. Because they are too far up from the bowl. These handicapped toilet seats are generally not suitable with regular height toilets.

How To Setup a Tall Toilet?

It is very important to know the full setup guide for the proper installation of a toilet you are willing to install. This will be determined first and primarily by the level of expertise and confidence in your abilities. Trying to remove an old toilet and replace it with a new toilet is not time-consuming. But it necessitates some plumbing expertise and precision.  After all, you don’t have to set up your toilet inaccurately just to have to hire a good plumber to rectify your error and install it properly.

You must first determine that the toilet you purchased recently is a one-piece or two-piece toilet before fitting it. When installing your new comfort height toilet, two-piece versions include a bowl and tanks that must be bolted together. These take additional actions, so keep in mind what you’re doing because you have to do it right.

A one-piece toilet is your alternative choice. These arrive with the tank and bowl partially connected and are therefore easier to set up. There is one less important step.

Many toilets will indeed come with additional pieces that you will need to install or purchase independently, such as lids or toilet seats. If you intend to install a few of these toilets manually. You have to ensure you have the right information and execute the company’s instructions to the letter.

If you’re hesitant, there’s really no disgrace in calling a pro—fixing an installation error may be expensive, and most expert installs cost around $100 and $400, based on the scale of complexity and the time required to complete.


If you are still struggling to buy a comfort height toilet for your bathroom. Wandering for the perfect toilet that gives your comfort as well as gives an aesthetic look to your restroom. Then you are at the right place where all your questions related to tall heightened toilets will be answered. You will discover there are many chair height toilets that match your requirements. This article is all about the comfort height toilet and aspects related to it. 

If you’ve determined that you need a comfort height toilet, be sure to evaluate all of your requirements before selecting one. That not only matches your wallet but also meets the demands. If you require a comfort height toilet, you should also consider obtaining a comfort height cabinet that will meet your needs. You can go back and read the reviews if you’re still undecided. Or you want to put what you’ve learned to good use as well as make your final assessment!