Sensor Update

I’ve been working hard on the latest version of the “SewerSense” sensor. With a new case, and new range finder, a door switch and better power management the new sensor is coming along swimmingly!!

New Sensor Case

Plug for flood gate sensor

New Range Finder

The updates include using a larger Pelican 1200 series case, in the awesome orange color. This will make room for all the batteries that I’ll be using, 12 d cells I think. I modified the case to attach the new ultrasonic rangefinder that I received from Sparkfun. The new sensor has a 25 foot range with 1cm accuracy! Its also IP67 certified, means its tougher than shit… Also I added a plug to attach a door sensor for the flood gate. This should alert me when the flood gates actually open to allow for calibration of the range finder.

Latest SewerSense prototype

SewerSense Case Shower Test from Leif Percifield on Vimeo.

Great post on Pachube blog

Thanks goes out to Ed Borden for a great post on the Pachube blog about DontFlushMe.

Read it here

Donate to DontFlushMe

Help DontFlushMe raise some money. All the donations are tax deductible!!

It costs over $40 a month for just one sensor. Help out where you can.

Pachube Feed

The test feed from the prototype sensor is available on Pachube. The sensor is still being tested so check back periodically for changes!

Dontflushme on the BBC

From the article:

One of the best-known firms making software for the internet of things is called Pachube. It works directly with hardware developers to connect physical objects and the internet in the most unusual and innovative ways. Leif Percifield from is one of their clients, working on a project to help reduce polluted water entering New York City waterways.

Thanks to Ed Borden at Pachube for all the support and Katia Moskvitch at the BBC

New sewer maps

Working with GIS expert Liz Barry, a founding member of Public Laboratory, I’ll be posting some super detailed sewer shed maps. These maps should show where the CSO drainage areas. New functionality will eventually identify the CSO based on the location of a map pointer!


Two examples of CSO Networks

The idea of realtime CSO monitoring is taking off! Here are a couple of examples of these networks.

South Bend Indiana:
“South Bend’s CSONet is the largest cyberphysical embedded sensor network in the world”

Article here


Article here

Here’s to the hopes that we can build one for NYC…

Updates on dontflushme

Dontflushme encourages citizens of New York to conserve water at critical times in order to increase to overall health of local waterways. By using a network of unique custom sensors, readily accessible communication tools and internet connected visualization devices, users will be kept informed about the realtime status of the NYC sewer system. This information will then allow participants to make informed decisions about their water use. Dontflushme aims to increase the community’s level of awareness, knowledge, and sense of value towards the environment which can result in positive attitude and behavioral changes.


Final paper is available here

Callme or textme 646-576-SHIT

Dontflushme now has a phone number! You can call or text to 646-576-SHIT to get updates about the sewer level. The data is not live yet but you can try it out! Text “level” to find out the sewer level or “signup” to sign up for alerts.

Do it now! is live! The site now contains the realtime data feed from pachube (when the sensor is running). I added the SMS registration feature and a New York sewer shed map courtesy of Everyone please register! I promise that I wont spam you!